Construction & Builders provides unique series of services that best support developers, architects, engineers and contractors to deliver the most suitable outcome based on the required level of construction. It is our belief that the best building materials are not necessary the most expensive ones. The best building materials are those that can successfully deliver the intended function and yet maintain an acceptable cost.
C&B believes that the specification writing process is a collaboration effort between the designer and the specification writer. As such, we strive to collaborate with the designers to provide an accurate documentation of their design. Our various collaboration techniques make us special and a vital need to projects. Since sticking to the project budget and restraints is crucial in our days, we provide specification documents that are suitable to the project budget. By selecting from our various database of master specifications types and lengths, designers can rest assure that we can deliver a fit-to-purpose documentation. During the design stage, we support clients with guidance on various building materials and provide the necessary technical backup. We have a huge database in building materials and experience from specialist advisors that can provide the necessary information and recommendation. We support architects and engineers to identify solutions and systems that best suit their project requirements. We follow international standards (such as American and European Norms) for building materials and are capable of assessing the technical acceptance of the materials.

We provide professional technical services and support in Specifications. We are experienced in the preparation of specifications based on major formats and sources adopted in the Middle East. CSI MasterFormat, British-based, QCS are some of sources we use to prepare the specifications and other technical documentations.

We at C&B believe in the uniqueness of every project, and as such we believe that every specification document should be customized to suit the project requirements. Our document always start from the master files and are customized based on the project design needs.

We support various sectors of the construction industry by preparing bill of quantities and various quantity surveying works. Our work assist both Consultants and contracting by providing the needed service for each. In the pre-award stage, we support consultants in providing accurate bill of quantities that is in line with the design and the specifications.

During Tendering and in post-award stage, we can support contractors by providing BOQ verification and preparation of revised BOQs. Depending on the contract type, we can provide a service that is needed for contractors to submit accurate pricing.

During the construction stage, we support clients and provide technical backup in the review of the material submittals during construction.

We help site architects and the Engineer in reviewing material submittals and do the necessary study of the submitted data in comparison with the tender documents. We also help contractors in preparation of a complete material submittal compliant with the contract requirements and Material order list.

We support clients in providing technical review of various aspects of the project to identify the constructability and avoid any possible defects. We are able to identify to our clients any technical problems in the projects to avoid deficiencies and problems during construction. Prequalification: We provide support in prequalification procedures for companies such as contractors, sub-contractors and manufacturers.

C&B provides technical training services for construction professionals on building materials. Technical aspect of building materials is very important in construction. Architects, Engineers and site inspectors need to have enough understanding of the technical component of building materials.

C&B partners also participate in regional seminars and events to discuss various technical matters on specifications. We participate in seminars, trainings and presentations organized by the order of Engineers and Architects (Lebanon), and the American Institute of Architects (Middle East).